December 13th, 2013
7pm – 10pm
Gallery M Squared
339 W. 19th St
Houston, Texas

Neopopstreetfunk is pleased to announce Neopopstreetfunk 5, a group exhibition of original paintings and mixed media showing at Gallery M Squared in The Houston Heights.

Five years in, the Best of Houston award-winning pop and street art event continues its tradition of showcasing Low Brow and Avant Garde art from the Houston underground and beyond. Curators Nicky Davis and Kevin Sechelski have consistently managed to raise the bar in the Houston art scene with their iconoclastic, irreverent annual offerings, and this year is no different. With 22 artists contributing pieces ranging in style from gritty guerilla street art to pop surrealist dreamscapes, Neopopstreetfunk 5 is a guaranteed night of stunning imagery, good music and fun people.

Artists include: Kathie Olivas, DUAL, The Lurk, Curtis Ashby, Graham Franciose, Alex Yanes, Nathan Westerman, Olga Galindo, Nicky Davis, Kevin Sechelski, Jamie Winn, Ana Maria, Kevin Peterson, Va, Jenna Colby, Kristopher Kotcher, Marco Guerra, Black Tip Betty, Carlos Aguilar, Katsola, Michael C. Rodriguez, C.kirk and Marko Zets Prpic

Sponsored by: Pabst Blue Ribbon


Get Ready Houston, Voodoo Queen is Coming

As if Moon Tower Inn wasn’t badass enough, Brandon Young is at it again. His latest project, Voodoo Queen, is set to open on the Eastside here in the next few weeks.

I had the opportunity to add some love to its exterior.

In addition to artistic contributions from myself and Shelby Hohl, the new spot will feature booze, sandwiches and that dive bar ambience you already know and love. See ya’ll there.

From Paintbrush to Squeegee

A whole new take on classic DUAL imagery.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with translating my more recent “painterly” style into my work with screen printing and spray paint. The ink can is one of my longest running images so I figured I’d try to give it a new spin. Let me know what you think. I always appreciate the feedback.

Available in the shop now.

Alva Graphics’ Summer Graffalot

My contribution to Alva Graphics’ annual Graffalot summer jam sponsored by Ironlak.

I had the opportunity this year to participate in Alva Graphics’ annual Graffalot summer jam featuring artists from all over the country.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Despite the brutal heat, there was some great work and thanks to Ironlak, I walked away with a prize of 3 fresh cases of paint.

Word on the block is that Alva Graphics is getting ready to move to a new location. Can’t wait to check it out.

PS. Special thanks to Graffalot for the feat on their new website 😉


Burnin’ on the ‘Cargo Space’

My favorite part of what I do is when those unique opportunities arise that allow me to contribute to a really awesome cause. This was precisely one of those situations

Brainchild of Rice University assistant professor Christopher Sperandio, ‘Cargo Space,’ is a retired university transit bus that he and his team are converting into a mobile studio and living quarters for travelling and visiting artists. The bus will be completely stripped down and rebuilt using eco-friendly materials, complete with a kitchen, dining area, and deck, ultimately capable of sleeping six people.

Thanks to Christopher Sperandio and the folks at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, my  friend and fellow Houston artist Daniel Anguilo and I had the opportunity to contribue some color to this project. I’m stoked to see how it turns out. Make sure to check out the Cargo Space blog to follow its progress.